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The New York Mets are one of four teams being considered to play games in London during the 2020 season.

Frank Curto

The New York Mets are rumored to be one of four teams that could travel across the pond to play a Major league Baseball game in London.

The Associated Press is reporting that the MLB is considering one of two matchups for its 2020 series in London: the New York Mets vs. the Washington Nationals or the Chicago Cubs vs. the St. Louis Cardinals.

The league’s collective bargaining agreement has the 2020 season opening with games in Asia. Other international games to follow will include April games in Mexico, May games in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic, and June games in Great Britain.

Major League Baseball will feature overseas games this summer when the World Champion Boston Red Sox face their rivals, the New York Yankees, on June 29 and 30 in London. The two teams will compete at the city’s Olympic Stadium.

The stadium was built for the 2012 Olympics and reconfigured for the Premier League club West Ham United. The estimated total capacity for the stadium, which will be altered for the baseball games, is 55,000.

An anonymous source reported that the Mets may play in London. The league has yet to make any official announcements regarding the 2020 season.

MLB’s official announcement is expected sometime after opening day, which takes place on Thursday, Mar. 28.

The MLB has played games in Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Australia in past seasons.

The Mets will start their 2019 season with a visit to the Washington Nationals on Mar. 28.

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