Manny Machado
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Yet another insider Twitter report indicates that the New York Yankees offer to free agent Manny Machado is lacking.

Aaron Case

Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees‘ offer to Manny Machado seems to be about six feet under what the other teams are offering at this point.

The latest report of the Bombers dancing around a competitive offer for Machado comes from SNY’s Andy Martino on Twitter:

This isn’t the first time a media insider has promulgated this rumor. In early December Fancred’s Jon Heyman let everyone know that the Yankees didn’t want to give Machado the $300 million he expected.

Machado, 26, slashed .297/.367/.538 with 37 HR and 107 RBI in 2018. He has consistently put up similar numbers for the past four seasons, and he’s just now entering his prime. Hence, the high self-evaluation.

When the MLB offseason began, the Yankees, White Sox, and Philadelphia Phillies were the consensus favorites to sign Machado.

Chicago has Machado’s brother-in-law (Yonder Alonso); the Phillies have expressed willingness to spend tons of cash this offseason, and Brian Cashman said the Yankees are in full Darth Vader mode.

However, it now seems that no one wants to give Machado his $300 million. Unofficial reports of an offer from the Chicago White Sox were for seven years, $175 million. Heyman speculated that the Phillies could be the highest bidder, and oddsmakers recently pegged the Phillies as the favorite to reel in Machado.

Now the San Diego Padres have been revealed as the mystery team in on Machado.

Martino also reported in mid-January that a source close to the situation revealed that Machado plans to take the highest offer, no matter where it comes from.

It’s looking more and more like Troy Tulowitzki will be the Opening Day shortstop for the Yanks. If he can make it through spring training without getting injured, that is.

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