Manny Machado New York Yankees
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For what it’s worth, those putting hard cash on Manny Machado’s free agency are betting against the New York Yankees.

Aaron Case

The way Manny Machado rumors have been swirling, many fans would hardly be surprised if he ended up signing with Elon Musk to play for a team on Mars. And according to OddsShark, that fantasy is more likely to become reality than him joining the New York Yankees is:

The Philadelphia Phillies are +120 favorites over the Chicago White Sox (+150) and the Bombers (+200).

Early in the offseason, the Yankees were widely considered frontrunners in the race to sign the 26-year-old. Now that race has slowed to a snail’s pace, and the Bombers are the slowest of the slow.

Brian Cashman has already signed two infielders not named Machado this offseason—Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the odds are against New York.

However, the betting odds aren’t necessarily a reliable predictor.

Recent baseball-insider gossip about Machado has included one or more mystery teams along with the three main contenders. Those secret suitors could be the San Diego Padres or almost any other team in the MLB.

To make matters worse, every comment from anyone remotely connected to Machado is regurgitated in dozens of headlines.

Everyone from Machado’s father to that one self-proclaimed sports writer who shall remain unnamed have set the internet on fire with their comments.

There’s even a video circulating that some believe shows Machado sporting a White Sox hat. Judge for yourself:

The footage isn’t clear enough to be definitive. Still, it was enough to fuel another virtual dumpster fire on social media.

It’s extremely hard to make sense of all this Manny Machado madness. The fact that the people who have skin in the game are picking Philadelphia could be telling, though.

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