Cam Reddish
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Cam Reddish has looked solid at Duke, but his skill set doesn’t translate well to the New York Knicks’ overall needs.

Josh Benjamin

Duke Blue Devils star freshman Cam Reddish isn’t on the same level as teammate Zion Williamson, but still has plenty of talent. The five-star talent from the Philadelphia area has done his fair share of head-turning this season, averaging 13.3 points and 1.9 steals per game.

Sure enough, Reddish’s name has popped up a lot as a potential lottery pick in this summer’s NBA Draft. Given the New York Knicks’ all-but-certain status as a lottery team this year, general manager Scott Perry will surely be interested in Reddish’s future potential.

Unfortunately, that future potential shouldn’t happen in New York. Don’t get me wrong. Reddish can ball for sure, but the kind of player he is just isn’t what the Knicks need now or in the future.

Nothing against the talented young man but if the Knicks draft him in June, they would be making a terrible mistake.


Cam Reddish has thrived in Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyzewski’s system, ranking third in scoring behind Williamson and fellow five-star talent RJ Barrett. Though Reddish is primarily a three-and-D type player, he has proven he can join the scoring party with the best of them and also put the team on his back.

Take the footage above, for example. This is from Duke’s 80-78 win over Florida State on Jan. 12. Reddish scored 23 points and sunk five three-pointers in the win, including the game-winner as time wound down in the second half. Reddish also added three rebounds and assists each, plus a steal.

Now, on their surface, those numbers really aren’t that special. Sure, Reddish scored a bunch of points and was deadly from long range, but so what? It’s ACC basketball. Talented wings there have such games the way Austin Powers has swingin’, shagadelic, shindigs. Such things happen quite frequently.

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