New York Yankees display personalized Manny Machado Yankee Stadium experience

The New York Yankees put on a show for free agent Manny Machado with the featured personalized Yankee Stadium display.

Robby Sabo

While all the talk surrounding Manny Machado’s visit with the New York Yankees focuses on that pesky 90-minute timeframe, the actual treatment during the process has been overlooked.

For instance, of course the most successful American professional sports organization of all-time rolled out the red-carpet treatment.

A simple Yankee Stadium graphic to show Manny being Manny (the younger Manny) in the Bronx was called for.

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With the Boston Red Sox reigning as World Champs, the entire city has its eyes on every move made in the most northern borough on Wednesday.

With brutal honesty, I say this: all of it is silly.

Sure, Machado’s an absolute beast at the plate, but his possible arrival actually raises serious questions about the health of the club.

What would happen to this already-heavy right-handed power lineup with the addition of a similar player? How will the fans handle the antithesis of “Johnny Hustle,” or even Derek Jeter or Bernie Williams, just two of the man beloved pinstripers who busted it down the first base line during a meaningless June matinee?

Hustle or not, meeting or not, 90 minutes or not, the question of whether or not Brian Cashman is hot for Machado remains a solid one.

In addition to the Yankees, Manny Machado is set to visit with the Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies and a mystery team that has all of baseball scratching its collective heads.

Who will Manny Machado choose?