Garden Pary with Jason Bisnoff takes a requisite advanced stats look into the young and hungry New York Knicks. 

Garden Party Knicks

The New York Knicks have won three of their last five games, however, they still find themselves towards the bottom of the standings in the Eastern Conference.

This season was seen as a developmental year from the start, and expectations were only lowered by the injury to Kristaps Porzingis. This year is shaping up to be a tryout for one of the youngest rosters in the National Basketball Association.

To take a look at where the Knicks have been good and bad, let’s take a look at the advanced stats.

The advanced stats picture is not much rosier than the 7-16 record they currently boast. They are in the bottom third of the league in offensive rating, sitting at 23 out of 30 teams. However, the defense is worse where they are 25th and are lower, 26th, in net rating.

Perhaps the worst indicator is a league-low assist percentage and assist-to-turnover ratio. They are similarly deficient at player impact estimate, sitting at 27th, true shooting percentage where they are 29th and are dead last in effective field goal percentage.

Those looking for a bright spot can find that with a sixth-best in the league offensive rebound percentage at more than 30.5 percent. However, the overall rebound percentage is dragged down to 15th overall with their defensive percentage being 29th overall. The team is also respectably 13th in turnover percentage.

On an individual note, Enes Kanter is a stand out being top-10 in the league in offensive, defensive and overall rebound percentage. Rookie Mitchell Robinson also has some bonafides, sitting at 11th overall in effective field goal percentage for players averaging at least 15 minutes per game and having played in at least 15 games. Tim Hardaway Jr. cracks the top-25 in usage at an even 27.5 and Kanter’s 16.2 player impact estimate is also in the top-25.

With all these numbers considered, it is entirely possible the team’s record is a bit overachieving. With a draft pick next year and a young team, patience may just be the key for a team that, while losing similar to others Knicks teams of late, stands to hopefully improve upon that losing over the next few seasons as drafts are had and players are developed.

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