Reggie Jackson New York Yankees
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New York Yankees legend Reggie Jackson is the latest in a long line of Manny Machado doubters from the Bronx.

Aaron Case

If Manny Machado is smart, he’ll reject any amount of money the New York Yankees throw his way.

The thing is, he might not be that bright, judging from his comments to the press. After a particularly torpid trip down the first baseline in the 2018 NLCS, he told Fox Sports analyst Ken Rosenthal that playing hard just isn’t his “cup of tea.”

That statement has baffled everyone, from the Yankees ownership to former manager Joe Girardi. The legendary Reggie Jackson even chimed in via an interview with New York Daily News reporter Wallace Matthews:

“I can’t understand a player saying that. That ain’t going to play here. I was a pretty good player and I ran hard every single at-bat. It takes talent to run fast, but it doesn’t take talent to run hard. Effort is the least we can ask of ourselves.”

The postseason amplified Machado’s moments of indolence on the baseball diamond. If he signs with the Yankees, his every move during the regular season will be under the proverbial microscope.

Jackson knows a little something about that.

He signed with the Yankees after the 1976 season, and he produced. The Bombers won the World Series in 1977, thanks in part to Jackson homering in four straight at-bats.

“This is the toughest of environments,” the Hall-of-Famer told Matthews. “For what you get paid here you better produce, or you’ll leave on your ass.”

Manny Machado
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Even if Machado were to come in and kill it right away, he won’t get a pass when he jogs out a double-play ball. New York has higher standards than that.

Giancarlo Stanton hit 38 home runs and drove in 100 RBI this season, but all Yankees fans can remember him for is practically striking out all the time.

The 26-year-old Machado better be prepared to do a 180—a fast one, though—before he tries coming to the Bronx.

Besides, there really aren’t enough adjectives to use for Machado’s lethargic play. New York sportswriters don’t need that kind of stress.

Don’t put that on us, Manny.

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