Enes Kanter
(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Enes Kanter has been drawing more and more complaints from New York Knicks fans for his lack of defensive ability and his bad attitude regarding his new role. Childish antics like this, however, may be the path to rekindling his love affair with Knicks fans.

Kelly's Comments

Enes Kanter has been a very controversial member of the 2018 New York Knicks. Fans have been ruthlessly complaining that his presence has been taking minutes away from younger players and that his atrocious lack of defense is absolutely inexcusable.

Kanter has gone from a fan favorite due to his on-court grit to someone fans are begging to get rid of because of his attitude towards his diminished role.

Then he does things like this and it’s harder to not kind of like him again.

I mean this is just funny.

Kanter demands the ref to explain his whistle before he allows him to take the ball. And you know what? He has the right to.

Everybody knows that being tall means you have the right to hold things above people’s reach until they agree with whatever you say.

I’ll tell you another thing, Kanter is gonna need to bring this screw you attitude every night if he wants to win over the fans. If he’s not willing or capable of playing good defense, he’s gonna have to do childish stuff that gives us all something to laugh at.

Either that or he’s gonna have to start a fight with anyone who tries to step to one of the kids. The moment New York fell in love with Kanter was when he jawed off at LeBron James for trying to show up a rookie Frank Ntilikina.

Starting a fight with pretty much anybody outside of Kevin Durant (until he says the Knicks aren’t in his Free Agency plans) will get the fans nearly 100 percent behind you.

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