Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees
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Alex Rodriguez isn’t playing anymore, but he’s still stoked about the New York Yankees playing the Boston Red Sox in London in 2019.

Aaron Case

Former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez should run for political office. He’s no stranger to lies and corruption (looking at you, PEDs), and now he’s stumping for the MLB in London, England, spewing all the right rhetoric.

The Bombers and the Red Sox will play a two-game series in London on June 29 and 30. MLB chose A-Rod, of all people, to drum up support across the pond.

A-Rod the PR man

On Monday he visited London Stadium, the site for the series, and he had plenty to say to City A.M.’s Frank Dalleres:

“I wish I was playing. I may still try to dress with the Yankees. I may get arrested! I dreamt as a player of playing here in London, and I was envious of the NFL and NBA that they came out here and had so much success.”

The controversial but talented Rodriguez played the last 12 years of his career in the Bronx. He finished up fourth on the MLB’s all-time home run list.

A-Rod also offered his philosophy on selling baseball in Great Britain. The 14-time All-Star said the MLB should push its big-name players there.

A-Rod the physiologist

It got really weird when he started gushing over Aaron Judge, though. Rodriguez told the Guardian’s Nick Miller that Judge is “this beautiful man, who’s big and strong and smart.”

Someone tell Jennifer Lopez to start worrying because her beau is man-crushing hard on young Aaron Judge. Either that or he’s the world’s best wingman, talking the Yankees’ right fielder up to all the London ladies ahead of his visit.

When the question of his own stardom’s impact on the game came up, Rodriguez’s offered an insightful answer. “If I was advising a young Aaron Judge or a young Alex Rodriguez, I would certainly say that less is more,” he said.

Somewhere in the US, a blushing Aaron Judge agrees. Rodriguez might want to give his present self the same advice.

A-Rod the sociologist

All kidding aside, circle June 29 and 30 on your calendar. It will be the first time MLB teams play in Europe, and A-Rod believes the series will be a great success.

“Baseball is made for Brits,” he said. “You guys love history. I think you guys are going to fall in love with it.”

Sports like soccer and rugby dominate Great Britain, but hopefully, Rodriguez is right.

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