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The analytics-driven New York Yankees haven’t won a World Series in nine years, so maybe it’s time to try a simple visualization technique.

Aaron Case

Ever since the New York Yankees choked in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series, I’ve fancied myself a bit of a pinstripe pessimist. My negative perspective was only reinforced as I suffered through years of Mark Teixeira hammering his career into the shift and the shame of Alex Rodriguez’s lies and PEDs.

But then came the Yankees’ youth movement, prematurely popping off in 2017. I entered the 2018 season as an optimist, only to be crushed at the hands of the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS.

Now, as 2019 approaches, I’m in grave danger of becoming a doomsayer yet again. (Fickle, I know.)

That’s why I’ve decided to put together a vision board for the Bombers. I may not be able to take the mound in the Bronx or even call up Aaron Boone to offer some armchair management advice, but I can at least throw some positive energy out into the universe.

If it works, I’m expecting a full postseason share when the Yankees win the World Series.

Image 1: Judge + Stanton = 100 home runs

Giancarlo Stanton Aaron Judge
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Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton combined for 111 home runs in 2017, but they did so on separate teams. When they teamed up in 2018, Judge’s DL stint and Stanton’s reduced output resulted in just 65 blasts between them.

It’s time for this powerful duo to actually join forces and put up some historical numbers.

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