Ron Baker
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With Zion Williamson making waves at Duke, New York Knicks fans have begun clamoring for a hardcore tank season. Due to this strong desire to lose, Ron Baker has been seeing less time on the court, relegated only to blowouts in which his incredible talents can’t lock down a win and hurt the team’s lottery odds. During these trying times, Ron has turned to social media to entertain himself and others.

***The following is SATIRE. We don’t actually believe Ron Baker is concussed. We don’t believe the Knicks organization would allow that to happen. Please, folks … lighten up. 

While spending his free time waiting for his future co-MVP, Ron Baker has been getting pretty active on social media. I’ve been keeping a close watch on his accounts and I’m starting to worry that he may not be joking around, as he may be permanently concussed.

He’s been cracked in the head quite a few times in the past year.

Having sustained these massive head injuries, I’ve been worried about Ron suffering from concussive symptoms going forward.

So now whenever he posts on social media, I have a hard time figuring out if he’s joking or if he’s dealing with massive concussions.

This is the picture that set off my suspicions. Ron makes a clear choice to associate the source of his happiness with one of the greatest villains and sources of chaos to ever hit the big screen.

Voluntarily comparing yourself to the Joker raises a lot of red flags about whether or not your social media attitude is coming from a place of lightheartedness or concussive symptoms.

Baker has also been engaging with fans who talk trash about him online. This goes against everything they teach you in athlete social media 101! At least I imagine it does.

I wouldn’t know because I’m a blogger, not a professional athlete.

On the other hand, I do interact with a lot of pretty dumb people on the internet so I’m hereby declaring myself qualified to give Ron advice about this. Baker is a smart guy so this kind of behavior is either a joke or another symptom of permanent concussion.

Either way, it is reason for concern.

In this tweet, Ron doesn’t even defend his presence in the NBA! Not only is this wildly inconsistent with his response to random internet dummies, he doesn’t even take the opportunity to clap back at Nick Young!

There are so many lanes to go down for why Young isn’t in the league! Ron could have just responded with this gif …

All of this is coming on top of the fact that it seems like Baker is spending the majority of his time trying to perfect the Jackie Moon haircut in an age where that style does not play.

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The state of happiness. #Flow #WTD

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Something isn’t right with Ron right now. I’ll be looking into this joking vs. concussed on social media issue further. I will report my findings at a future time.

Also in Ron’s defense, there are other players who are trying to bring the Jackie Moon-look back and it seems to be working ok for them …

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