New York Knicks Jarrett Jack
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Jarrett Jack has a bold prediction about the future of the NBA and it won’t sit well with Knicks fans or any fans of parity in the NBA.

Knicks fans are already thinking about the different lineups that will work well when Kevin Durant is leading David Fizdale’s squad. After his run-in with Draymond Green, fans took to social media to start firing off tweets about KD coming to the Knicks.

But Jarrett Jack doesn’t share the same confidence. In fact, Jack is predicting an NBA doomsday scenario for all fans who are growing tired of the Golden State Warriors dynasty.

Durant, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis would be an absolute juggernaut. They could be the three best players in the NBA right now. Stephen Curry, James Harden, and Kawhi Leonard are in the same tier, but the point stands — Durant, James, and Davis would make for the most talented “big three” in NBA history.

The NBA is skyrocketing in popularity and they are doing a lot of things well right now, but the lack of parity in recent years is concerning. The Warriors and the Cavaliers met in the NBA Finals for four straight years. It looks like the Warriors are a shoo-in to make their fifth straight Finals appearance. The race in the Eastern Conference should be interesting, but the Warriors will be heavy favorites against whoever they face.

If Jack’s prediction comes to fruition, fans would see the power balance shift dramatically, but the lack of parity would remain. Rather than the Warriors coming in as huge favorites, the Lakers would be the clear team to beat.

Fans are looking for a more balanced league. Even if it is a handful of teams with a chance to win it all, that’s far better than the current state of the league where there is one team head and shoulders above all others.

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