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Division III college hoops player delivers most egregious elbow ever (Video)

A player who shall not be named from Division III Fitchburg State absolutely wrecked an opponent with a nasty elbow to the face.

Every great team has a great villain. The Cavs/Heat/Cavs/Lakers have LeBron, the Patriots have Tom Brady, and the Red Sox have every member of the 2004 roster.

This Division III school named Fitchburg State, which I’ve never heard of, has a straight-up evil monster.

Basketball is a game of respect. Game recognizes game. There is no place in the game to disrespect your opponent.

That was pretty disrespectful. So now the question has to be asked …

Is this guy the worst human who has ever existed?

I mean this is just a lowest-of-the-low scumbag move. A forearm shiver to the face just for putting a little extra English on a corner three? Give me a break. This is basketball, where you get paid for being flashy.

If you don’t believe that, go to a Knicks bar and bring up bring up the name Zion Williamson. You’ll have a slew of bright-eyed fans showing you high school highlight reels full of ungodly dunks.

I’m getting off topic.

This guy who tried to commit a homicide in front of 40 witnesses (solid attendance estimate on my part) is just the worst person. He’s been suspended indefinitely and banned from the school’s campus.

If I had my way, he’d be either launched into the sun or arrested, depending on Elon Musk’s availability. At the very least, the basketball gods will rain down judgment upon this coward in the form of free throw yips or a broken jumper.

If I were him, I’d find a nice hobby and retreat into seclusion for the next 5-7 years.

Lifetime ballplayer and Yankee fan. Strongly believe that the eye-test and advanced stats can be used together instead of against each other.