Kristaps Porzingis
Getty Images

At an event for “Creed 2,” Kristaps Porzingis had the chance to meet the actor behind famous Rocky IV villain Ivan Drago. The picture taken to commemorate the occasion leaves me absolutely no doubt that KP would beat the crap out of Ivan Drago. 

Two men posing for a picture. One, a monster born and trained with the sole purpose of creating a lethal boxing machine. The other, a mythical beast upon which the basketball gods bestowed an endless array of gifts.

If these two men were to square off in the boxing ring, all logical reasoning would lead to Drago running the table with the unicorn.

But when looking at this picture, it becomes clear that isn’t the case:

Kristaps Porzingis absolutely has the upper hand in this matchup and it is not even close.

The world-class boxer who committed homicide in the ring appears absolutely terrified and you know what? He should be. Not only does Porzingis have a far superior reach and the immortality of a unicorn, but the look in his eye also reveals that he is out for blood.

He’s just posing for a picture yet you can tell that deep in his soul, he wants to throw down with the inspiration for his childhood nickname and leave a body in the ring.

I will take the unicorn every single day of the week and twice on Sunday. Porzingis would knock Drago into a flashback of his own country cheering for an American in the height of the Cold War. Then KP would beat Drago’s son into next week and hang a 50 burger on Timofey Mozgov the same night. Latvia/USA- 3, Russia- 0.

That’s what you get if you step to a mythical beast with a killer instinct in the wild.

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