Kevin Durant
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Kevin Durant will be the big fish of free agency next season and the New York Knicks could have a chance to land him.

The New York Knicks are doing everything they can to become an attractive destination for free agents next summer. They have a new coach who is widely respected around the league in David Fizdale. They have young talent on the roster including Kristaps Porzingis, a bonafide star when healthy. Finally, the Knicks have the cap space to angle for a big-time free agent next summer.

So why wouldn’t Kevin Durant be interested in the Knicks next summer? Chris B. Haynes of Yahoo! Sports appeared on Undisputed and believes that the Knicks, “have a very good shot at luring KD away from the Bay Area.”

Haynes makes the argument that the Knicks for Durant could be a similar situation to LeBron James signing with the Lakers. Durant’s business partner, Rich Kleiman (a Knicks fan), and their businesses are located in New York. Durant’s dad is a Knicks fan as well. These may not play any factor in Durant’s decision, but it’s hard to know for sure.

Haynes makes sure to point out that Golden State will have the edge next summer, but the Knicks will be in the hunt for Durant. Many don’t want to believe it yet, but the Knicks are trending in the right direction. There’s a clear plan in place, there’s young talent on the roster, and the team is in position to make a big play for a free agent next summer.

Things can change dramatically in the next few months, but it’s not crazy to believe the Knicks will have a shot at landing Durant next summer.

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