The New York Yankees have been looking for a spark the last few weeks, did they get one with their series win over Boston?

Dom Renna

In baseball, the saying goes momentum is only as good as your next starting pitcher. While that is true, the New York Yankees might have gained all the momentum they needed to go on a big run.

Let’s face it, prior to the Bombers’ series with the Red Sox, the team was flat. They had lost five of their last seven games, scoring 17 runs in those five games. If it was the offense that was not producing, it was the starting rotation. If it was not the rotation, it was the bullpen. Nothing was clicking and their lead for the home-field in the A.L. Wild Card game was cut down to one and a half games.

Enter the Boston Red Sox and Aaron Judge.

Prior to the start of their series against Boston, news broke the Judge would back in the lineup for the first time since July. Right away there was a different feeling surrounding the Bombers. No longer were they waiting for their reinforcements, the reinforcements had arrived, and just in time for their big rivals.

With Boston in town and just two games from clinching the A.L. East, the Yankees were reminded of what they were supposed to be this year, a monster. For many different reasons, Boston ended up being that monster and it showed back in an August matchup where Boston swept the Bombers. That series seemed to suck whatever life the Yankees had out of them, questioning the direction they were heading in. Following that August beatdown, the Yankees went 22-16 quickly losing all hope for the division crown.

The division might be completely out of reach now, but that has not stopped the Yankees from showing up in perhaps their biggest series of the season. Aaron Boone’s team looks like a completely different team following a stressful 3-2 win Tuesday night and a 10-1 blowout victory Wednesday.

Everything seemed to go right for the Yankees during this Boston series. When they needed the big hit it came, thanks to Neil Walker. They had luck on their side after botching two double plays in the ninth inning Tuesday. Luis Severino returned to form Wednesday in a dominant seven-inning performance, while Luke Voit and the bats came to life. What a difference compared to where the Yankees were Sunday.

This week the Yankees looked like they were playing to prove to the nation that they are not going to go down without a fight. They were saying “hey, don’t forget about us” when talking about the top contenders in the American League. They looked like a different team, a refreshed team, a team that does not have any question marks surrounding them. Who knew all it took them to get back to that ways was a matchup against their rival?

Now, they can now look to build on it as they march towards a one-game playoff. The narrative of a team struggling to reach the finish line can go away, and all that’s left to do is figure out who is taking the ball come Oct. 3.

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Dominick is a graduate of Canisius College. He has covered the Rangers for the last seven seasons and the Yankees for the last four.