Joakim Noah 69

Does anyone know what kind of player Joakim Noah is anymore? Probably not. After the former Defensive Player of the Year was exiled by former head coach Jeff Hornacek, fans were deprived of seeing Noah play in anything but a video game. His exile from last season and the complete uncertainty of his situation really hurt him in 2K19.

The complete unknown drops to a 69.

Damyean Dotson 68

Damyean Dotson is supposed to be the guy who didn’t get a fair shake last year. He is supposed to be way better than anyone thought, but was never afforded the right opportunity from Hornacek. Well, is that really true or is that what Knicks fans try to convince themselves?

If his summer league performance was any indication it’s the latter.

Mitchell Robinson 67

Mitchell Robinson is still incredibly raw. Of course, everyone knows he could have been a lottery pick if he played in college, but that doesn’t change the fact that he hasn’t played much organized ball since high school. Yes, he exceeded all expectations in Las Vegas, but as stated earlier, those games are quite meaningless.

He’ll spend a healthy amount of time in the G League and Knicks fans will wonder why he isn’t rated a 90 overall and starting in Madison Square Garden.

Ron Baker 67

Ron Baker’s best assets are his ability to play team defense, hustle, and play within the confines of the offensive system. These aren’t exactly things that translate well to the video game. Baker’s paltry numbers from last season hurt him with the developers. The fact that he missed a good chunk of last season due to injury doesn’t help his case either.

Luke Kornet 66

Luke Kornet played the 2017-18 season on a two-way deal. Although stagnant with a 65 rating for the entirety of the 2K18 season, Kornet will see a little bump in 2K19 due to his ability to knock down the three and defend the rim. Much like the other two-way player from last season, Kornet is still an unknown. But his upside in certain areas of the game allows him to make the slightest jump from his rookie year.

Isaiah Hicks 63

It’s surprising that Hicks is even coming back to the Knicks next season. A two-way player with the Knickerbockers last year, Hicks spent the better part of his rookie season in Westchester. Without making a big splash on the big boy roster last season, don’t expect the developers to be generous with Hicks’ rating.

He may have received the benefit of the doubt from the 2K Sports team last year, but don’t expect them to extend the same kindness two years in a row.

Allonzo Trier 63

Undrafted and on a two-way contract, Trier won’t see much time at all with the New York Knicks. Instead, he’ll spend most of his time in the Westchester County Center playing for the Knicks’ G League affiliate. He has the potential to develop into a solid scoring threat as a combo guard. But until he shows any of that potential, don’t expect the developers to be all that kind to the rookie.

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