Carmelo Anthony
(Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

Carmelo Anthony took to social media to post another workout video and New York Knicks rookie Kevin Knox had something to say.

It’s the offseason so that means Carmelo Anthony workout videos are all over social media to let the world know how hard he’s working. It doesn’t look like Kevin Knox of the New York Knicks is buying it.

The rookie commented on this recent social media post:

“Melo win MVP every year if he played like this during the season”

The funny thing is, Knox is exactly right. The world was duped during the 2018 offseason by Melo’s social media alter ego, better known as “Hoodie Melo.” Anthony routinely posted videos of himself working out in a hoodie and he managed to convince the world that he was still a superstar.

When Anthony arrived in Oklahoma City, it was clear that he was anything but a superstar.

Perhaps Knox can spin this and argue that he was complimenting Melo, but there’s no need. He just said what the rest of the world was thinking. People aren’t falling for the workout videos this time around.

The saddest part about this is the fact that Melo can still be a great role player on the Rockets. If he is willing to accept a diminished role, he could be that dangerous three-point threat that would thrive alongside Chris Paul and James Harden.

But instead, he’s up to the same old song and dance as the 2018 offseason. Workout videos, posts insulting his critics, and just an overall arrogant attitude. People are tired of it. Kevin Knox simply said what everyone else is thinking.

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