New York Mets Yoenis Cespedes
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Back to recovery for Yoenis Cespedes? It seems like the New York Mets have a decision their hands when it comes to their superstar outfielder.

We might have just welcomed back Yoenis Cespedes to the chaos that is the New York Mets only to say goodbye to him in the blink of an eye.

Cespedes returned Friday night with a bang from a significant DL stint only to reveal that his heel problems may be far worse than he let one. Basically, he admitted after Friday’s game that surgery might be possible for him.

Well, it’s sounding more and more likely for the outfielder. According to Tim Healey from Newsday Sports, Cespedes is also seeing a specialist for an MRI next week.

So let’s go through the potential of this all. While it seems ridiculous to have him go out right after he’s just come back, Anthony DiComo of points out that really, the whole situation is ridiculous and the solution is obvious.

How does that make any sense? Assuming the MRI will give a clearer picture into what could be done with Cespedes, do they really need an MRI to determine that maybe getting surgery would be the best option for both Cespedes and the team in the long run.

I mean, there’s no chance that the Mets will make the playoffs this season. At 16 games under .500, they have a worse record than the Miami Marlins, who were expected to be in full tank mode heading into the 2018 season.

Cespedes had a promising return against the Yankees, launching a home run off the left field foul pole of Friday night to cap off a 2-for-4 night in his first game since May 13.

News will be surfacing soon about what Cespedes will be doing but for right now, there should be no harm in letting him have the surgery and potentially be prepared for next season or beyond. Will they miss Cespedes in the lineup? Sure. But they have to start thinking towards the future.

Surgery is likely the best option and why not? This is the Mets after all. It can’t get any worse…can it?

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