New York Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo is very nice. Maybe too nice. Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez try to fix that.

One of the only bright spots for the New York Mets this season has been Brandon Nimmo. The outfielder is hitting only .262 on the season, but his on-base percentage is .386 and he has a .515 slugging percentage, leading to apologies from some who thought he should be traded before the season started.

Nimmo is also a very nice person who is happy all the time. While that is a great trait to have, baseball players are known for cursing and being angry when calls don’t go their way. So, announcers Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling decided they needed to toughen the young player up.

Hernandez and Darling tried to get Nimmo to show toughness in a series of situations that appear in baseball games. The first was when a close call goes against him, in which Nimmo tells Darling (playing the umpire) that he “respectfully disagrees” with the call.

When Darling tells Nimmo that he needs to deal with the call or get tossed, Nimmo apologizes and promises to swing next time, receiving groans from Darling and Hernandez.

Later, they tried to teach Nimmo how to be withholding from the media, which can be brutal on sports figures in New York. However, Nimmo gave a full answer, once again frustrating Hernandez and Darling.

Lastly, Hernandez, who at this point probably wished he was with his cat instead of trying to teach Nimmo to be tough, asked Nimmo what he would do if Darling hit him with a pitch.

When Nimmo replied that he would run to first, an exasperated Darling told him to “at least give me a dirty look.” Nimmo protested, saying that Darling “didn’t do it on purpose.”

After Hernandez and Darling leave, Nimmo tells a clubhouse attendant that he only did it for the free coke (soft drink) he received for appearing and pushed the camera out of his way.

However, he came back to apologize, explaining that “the director made me do it.” Overall, Hernandez and Darling get an A for effort but an overall F as they were unable to toughen up “the happiest man in baseball.”

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