The New York Mets’ captain took another step toward a comeback by stepping into the batting cage at Citi Field. 

Despite what you hear on the interwebs these days, New York Mets third baseman David Wright is not dead. In fact, he’s very much alive, you guys.

He proved such by taking hacks in the cage prior to Monday night’s series opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates. No, seriously, he did. Before you say “Pics or it didn’t happen,” here’s the video, which was supplied to us by SNY.

Obviously, Wright isn’t facing fierce competition here — these are BP fastballs, ya know — but it’s nice to see the umph he’s putting behind some of these swings. If you don’t think this looks all that impressive, here’s a video of him gingerly playing catch just a couple weeks ago.

There seems to be some legitimate progress going on here in a short period of time. It’s hard to get really excited because we’ve been here before, though. As if any of us could forget, it’s been more than two years since he last played in the big leagues.

This latest comeback attempt is going to be full of baby steps and very, very small victories. Wright used to take BP in his sleep during the prime of his career, but this trip into the cage must’ve had him feeling like it was Christmas morning.

He’d be the first to tell you that there are many more hurdles to jump following this one. Wright has gotten so close to actually suiting up at Citi Field again in the past, only to have his rehab assignment stopped to undergo yet another surgery.

There hasn’t been much to smile about when it comes to the Mets recently. Days have been full of subpar play, losses, alarming quotes, and other ridiculous stories that just make you shake your head.

Any kind of event that can induce smiles are welcome, and this video will do for many. Let’s hope the smiles keep coming as the Captain continues ramping up his baseball activity.

Matt Musico is an editor for ESNY. He’s been writing about baseball and the Mets for the past decade. His work has been featured on numberFire, MetsMerized Online, Bleacher Report, and Yahoo! Sports.