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Carmelo Anthony jabs back at the critics through social media

Carmelo Anthony has a message to his haters after opting into the final year of his contract with the Thunder. 

Carmelo Anthony has not been shy about posting messages to his critics on social media. Melo’s critics always seem to strike a nerve with him. He’s always been a polarizing star and in the age of social media, he has an easy way to fire back at his haters.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him post a cryptic message on his social media in response to a hypothetical hater.

*Mood “All Critics Can Duck Sick” #STAYME7O

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Melo really cares about public perception for whatever reason. He’s going to be making just under $28 million next season despite being a shell of his former self. While a lot of fans might be mad that he’s cashing in, how can you blame him for opting in?

Get your money. Phil Jackson and the Knicks agreed to that deal. Sam Presti and the Thunder knew what they were doing when they traded for Melo. There’s no reason for him to give anything back just because he’s not the same player he used to be.

But he needs to figure out his social media. A lot of his posts come off as unnecessarily petty. “I’m not mad, YOU’RE mad.” Clearly, the haters and critics get to him a little bit if he’s posting these messages on social media.

He should stick to the workout videos in hoodies for social media. People seemed to like those last season. It even tricked people into thinking he was still a superstar.

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