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New York Yankees: Nick Swisher enjoys great Old-Timers’ Day (Video)

Old Timers’ Day is always special and Nick Swisher brought a different element to the New York Yankee annual game. 

We all knew that Nick Swisher was excited to play in his first Old Timers’ Day for the New York Yankees, and boy did he have himself a day.

Swisher took a pitch and hit it 100.3 mph off the bat and into the second deck in right field. Let me repeat that again, he hit into the second deck in right field. During an Old Timers’ Day game. Just wow.

The YES Network had Swisher mic’d up during the game and it was everything fans watching at home could have hoped for. Just hearing the excitement from Swisher shows why he was so good for the team when he donned the Pinstripes from 2009-2012.

Just listen to the emotion behind his voice. You can just hear how happy he is to be apart of the Yankee legacy. The home run wasn’t all for Swisher though. He added a single in his first at-bat and a double in his second at-bat, capping off a great day for him.

He was the unofficial player of the game, and his former teammate and current Yankee David Robertson decided to have some fun with it.

Robertson came out of the Yankee clubhouse while Swisher was taking part in a postgame interview. He would take the Gatorade cooler and dump it over the 37-year-old bringing back some great memories from 2009.

Now obviously Swisher isn’t your usual Old Timer, after retiring in February of 2017. As a matter of fact, he and C.C. Sabathia, todays starter for the Yankees, are both 37-years-old. Swisher, along with Andy Pettitte, Johnny Damon, and Jason Giambi all took part in Old Timers’ Day for the very first time.

It was a successful day for Swisher, and without a doubt, he will want to be back in 2019.

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