The New York Knicks are busting out some brand new gear and while the jersey looks good, the draft day cap is complete garbage.

The New York Knicks debuted some brand new gear by giving singer-songwriter, Khalid, the fresh jersey and—interesting draft day cap.

The jersey is only a slight change from the most recent version of the Knicks’ jersey. The subtle variation looks like it’s all in the color scheme of the numbers. They are changing the numbers to white with an orange outline, rather than their previous design which was orange with a white outline. If there’s anything else altered, it must be an incredibly subtle change.

The jersey looks pretty good, but the cap looks like something you should only wear if you have a five dollar haircut. To be fair, this design that includes numerous patches and pins wasn’t a decision by the Knicks. It looks like every NBA team is using this template.

I will fully admit that I am one of the least fashionable people I know, but even I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this sorry excuse for a hat.

Yuck! These hats are complete garbage. Just about everything looks awful on this hat except for the classic team logo. Outside of 11-year-old little leaguers, who puts pins in their hats anymore? I don’t even think little leaguers do this anymore. Who wants to have some metal pin sticking into their head?

You can count me out on these hats. I don’t even think I would accept one as a gift. Add in the fact that they cost $36 and you can get all the way out of my face with this.

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