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Local guy, Donovan Mitchell held a youth basketball camp in his hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut. His good friend, Frank Ntilikina of the New York Knicks, came back to the US to help him with the camp.

Donovan Mitchell was the breakout star from the 2017 NBA Draft class. The New York Knicks passed on him to take Frank Ntilikina and the two have struck up a friendship. So much so, that Ntilikina returned from working out in France to help Mitchell run a youth basketball camp in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Ntilikina spoke to Stefan Bondy and Eric Barrow of the New York Daily News about Mitchell’s incredible rookie season. Ntilikina would go on to say:

“Seeing a good friend play the way he was playing, seeing him carry his team like that, it was a great feeling for me and all of his friends. He motivates me to do great things.”

You love to hear this from the French Prince. Mitchell is definitely a good confidant to have for Ntilikina. They are both trying to get acclimated to the NBA on and off the court. So far, Mitchell looks like a future All-Star and Ntilikina looks more like a project with NBA All-Defense potential.

It’s easy to get frustrated by the Knicks passing on Mitchell, but they weren’t the only team to pass on the Louisville product. The Jazz clearly got the steal of the draft, but who knows, maybe Mitchell won’t want to play in Utah forever. When’s he a free agent? I’m sure he’d love to come home to New York and play alongside his best friend.

Imagine that. Mitchell, Ntilikina, and Kristaps Porzingis playing together in Madison Square Garden. They would probably all become best friends, win five straight championships, and go down as the greatest Knicks team of all time.

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