1996: Charles Oakley vs. Charles Barkley

The first brawl that hits our list is between the two big men named Charles. Both Oakley and Barkley were really intimidating players on and off the court. No one messed with these guys unless they themselves did with each other.

That was the case in a preseason game in 1996. Now, this is a preseason game, so you could only imagine what these two felt for each other leading up to this game.

The brawl begins around 0:17 where Barkley goes up for the two points, but misses and attempts for the rebound. Barkley gets scuffled up with Oakley and they both hit the floor together. The moment they stand up, the haymakers are thrown.

Oakley gets a good swing in the beginning and Barkley connects right after, Oakley threw in the final punch before both players got separated. Besides Oakley and Barkley, this preseason matchup was full on flares as Ewing and Kevin Willis exchanged some words.

They too bumped heads later on and would ultimately get tossed out of the game. Again, this was a preseason game. Imagine if it during the playoffs.