The Silver Lining

Just because The Knicks won’t get LeBron in 2018 doesn’t mean that the Knicks won’t ever get a chance.

LeBron is well known for making his basketball decisions with incredible awareness. He is going to decide exactly where he wants to play, for how long, and whether or not he wants a player option. Assuming that he will demand a player option in order to give himself as much power as possible, he may very well be a free agent once again in 2020 or 2021.

If this is the case, and he succeeds during a two or three-year stay on a contender, New York might look appetizing to enjoy a last hurrah in the Big Apple.

LeBron has already expressed love for the Garden very often, and he even called it his “favorite playground” earlier this year.

It’s possible that two or three years from now the young talent on the Knicks grows a lot and Kristaps becomes a full-fledged superstar. With coach David Fizdale now in charge as well, the system could be modern and effective, and maybe LeBron will try to get NY a ring.

It probably won’t happen since the Knicks will still be so young, but you never know what LeBron is going to do next.