New York Mets Matt Harvey
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Starting pitcher Matt Harvey was dismissed by the New York Mets after much controversy surrounding the 29-year-old and his attitude. It seems “The Dark Knight” has officially become “The Joker.”

A lifelong New York Met, Matt Harvey had all of Queens at his fingertips. His breakout year in 2013 earned him a spot on the National League All-Star team and a fourth-place finish in the NL Cy Young award race.

Fast forward five years later and Harvey is no longer the New York darling he once was. Not only was his pitiful 0-2 start and 7.00 ERA less than ideal for the streaking Mets this season, his attitude was even worse. After declining a minor league assignment from Sandy Alderson, Anthony DiComo reported that Harvey was to be designated for assignment.

Naturally, there has to some sort of reaction to the move and, perhaps even more naturally, it all has to happen on Twitter.

Fans and reporters alike went crazy reacting to the news, posting memes, snarky comments and more. So, let’s take a look at some of the best reactions to Harvey’s DFA.

While we know this picture from quite some time ago, it is very likely this was the exact same reaction that Harvey used upon hearing the request.

No wonder he got DFA’d. I mean, what a snarky dude.

SBNation’s Chris Cotillo hit the nail right on the head. Harvey, who was known as a party boy, could have been playing in the one city in the entire world where partying is a daily (and nightly) ritual. Of course, he likely would have gotten into more trouble but Harvey would have been able to party all day and night long. Plus, we all know he’s truly be the life of the party.

Highly underrated tweet. Could Harvey become the next Doc Gooden? History tells us that this would definitely be something that would happen because, well, it’s the Mets and Yankees. Nothing’s too crazy.

And how could we do a reaction post without seeing the New York City tabloids? The puns are always incredible and these ones are perfection.

So now we say goodbye to the Dark Knight. Today we got to see the new feature, “The Dark Knight Falls,” and honestly, I’ve heard Mets fans give it two thumbs up.

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