Ed Kranepool New York Mets
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New York Mets great Ed Kranepool needs a new kidney. And is hoping to find a suitable donor.

Ed Kranepool, the fan-favorite who helped the Miracle New York Mets to the organization’s first World Series title, is now battling a different game at the ripe age of 73.

Kranepool is in need of a new kidney.

A diabetic-related infection has taken over Kranepool’s world for the last 15 months. The result of the infection has resulted in the loss of toes on his left foot. The classy ballplayer used a sports analogy in describing the next step as he spoke with New York Daily News reporter John Harper.

“[l’m] ready for Game Two. The last 15 months have been hell..I look like a doubleheader.”

The first part of his double-header was the amputation of some of his toes. Now the second game is set to begin, a much needed kidney transplant.

Kranepool is on the New York State list of needed donor kidney’s and time is becoming an enemy Kranepool doesn’t want to face. The older he gets, the more dangerous a transplant kidney procedure becomes.

His kidneys are still functioning, but at a much lesser rate than normal kidneys.

“My kidneys are still functioning, but not at a high rate,” he said. “I know I need a transplant, I’m not going to expire tomorrow, but my family is worried because age is a factor.”

Being on the donor list doesn’t guarantee him a kidney, as he could be on the list for years with f for one to become available.

Kranepool is using this opportunity in the hope he could find someone to donate a kidney to him sooner rather than later.

The story of Kranepool is familiar to most life-long Mets fans. Signed prior to the armature draft in 1962, the Bronx, New York kid played in the team’s first ever season in the MLB. He went in to play on the Miracle Mets team in 1969.

Kranepool remains franchise leader in games played.

Kranepool has had the opportunity to revive a donor previously, but medical issues arising with the donors and then with Kranepool himself prevented the procedure to be done. His positive attitude is helping him get through the tough time. He has been disregarding any urgency in the situation even through time is against him.

We all hope Ed Kranepool finds a donor in the near future.

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