New York Mets Todd Frazier
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Last year, it was the “thumbs down.” This year, another celebration was invented with Todd Frazier for the New York Mets and it’s making its rounds.

The New York Mets benefit in many ways from having Todd Frazier on their team. He provides a solid bat, great defense at third and an incredible veteran presence both on and off the field.

After turning the Bronx into Thumbs Down City last year, Frazier brought another celebration to Queens in the form of the “Salt and Pepper.”

It’s not just limited to the Mets, though. Frazier encouraged his son Blake to demonstrate the celebration during his Little League game and my heart just exploded.

First, Blake smacks a drive to left field and then, upon getting to first, gives a “Salt and Pepper” gesture, much to the delight of Frazier.

Blake Frazier’s baseball career has been well-chronicled on the Instagram accounts of his father and mother, Jackie Frazier and, from what we’ve seen so far, he could very well continue to have success in the sport. Who knows? He could be a first-round draft pick in 2032.

Honestly, the move was adorable. Seeing how that celebration has spanned across various age groups is a beautiful, unifying thing. Nice job, Blake, you have the celebration portion of your game down.

The 4-year-old has a pretty sweet swing as well, reminiscent of his father, who launched two home runs on Friday to bring the Mets to an 11-1 record. Their best start in franchise history has benefited from the 32-year-old’s defense at third.

Frazier himself has also posted a .282/.423/.538 line so far this year and brings an extra spark to a Mets team that has been struggling to figure it out the past few seasons.

The New York Yankees are missing his presence this season but the Mets are definitely enjoying it for all it’s worth. Maybe someday in the future his son will do the same thing for this squad from Queens.


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