Photo courtesy of Major Market Media Instagram

The LeBron James recruitment has been pretty wild in several cities. The New York Knicks haven’t been involved…until now.

New York Knicks, you are officially in on the LeBron James recruitment! With the superstar expected to opt out in Cleveland and pursue free agency come season’s end, cities have been falling over themselves to outdo each other in an attempt to lure the King to their basketball team.

Everything is bigger in New York, right? So naturally they had to be involved when it comes to getting one of the biggest stars in the NBA to consider their primary team.

Well, they went for it. And while the campaign wasn’t necessarily approved by the Knicks, Major Market Media, an ad agency based in New York City, took matters into their own hands.

Proudly posted on the company’s Instagram, the banner directly calls out James for his “King” title. I mean, sure, he’s labeled as “The King” but what about of New York City, the biggest and brightest city in the United States?

It makes sense and it’s a great ploy to fire up the 33-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers forward. Dwayne Wade even reacted to the signage, telling the New York Daily News, “Good luck.”

While it seems tacky, it’s been done by other teams. So far this season, there have been campaign signs petitioning for James’ arrival in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Portland.

James has played in 80 games this season and is averaging 37.2 minutes per game. He’s also averaging career-highs in total rebounds per game (8.7) and assists per game (9.2) while becoming the youngest player in NBA history to score 31,000 points in his career, a milestone reached during Friday night’s 44-point performance.

So, will it work? We have a chance to see as LeBron James will see it firsthand on Monday night when he heads to MSG to take on the Knicks at 7:30 PM. Game on, LeBron. Prove that you’re really the King of New York with one swift signature.

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