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Fan dyes hair blond after losing bet to Mets’ Noah Syndergaard (Video)

Be careful who you make bets with on Twitter. Some people, like New York Mets ace Noah Syndergaard, will come to collect.

Back on March 9, a New York Mets fan named Jake from Raleigh, North Carolina, decided to make a small wager with ace Noah Syndergaard on Twitter. If the Mets ace could strike out at least 10 St. Louis Cardinals on Opening Day, he’d dye his “ugly dark brown hair blonde.”

Syndergaard delivered, tossing six innings of six-hit, four-run ball in a 9-4 Mets victory at Citi Field. Of course, he struck out exactly 10 batters and, after the game, called Jake out on the bet.



Jake replied that he’d take care of it on Friday night, confirming as much to his local ABC affiliate.

Sure enough, he did the honorable thing and paid his debt. Friday morning, Jake tweeted a picture of multiple packs of blonde hair dye.

Later that night, Jake paid his debt in full, broadcasting his dye job live on Periscope.

Not that he had any choice other than to dye his hair after being called out by Syndergaard, but good on Jake for not disappearing into the nether, laying low for awhile until something else commanded people’s attention.

But really, it’s nothing short of incredible that this ever happened in the first place.

Other than Jake, his family and his closest friends, it’s stretch to think that anyone would remember his original tweet three weeks after that fact. Nobody would have given it a second thought.

It’d be the sort of thing that randomly pops into your head a month later.

When you add in that Syndergaard has more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter, what were the odds that he’d actually see the tweet, much less see it, remember it three weeks later and reply to it?

Pretty good, apparently. And now Jake is a blonde instead of a brunette.


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