New York Yankees Giancarlo Stanton
(Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

Giancarlo Stanton is stepping onto the big stage for the New York Yankees and he’s not waiting around to take a leadership role.

Giancarlo Stanton is coming off of an MVP season in which he smacked 59 home runs and a remarkable 132 RBIs. The MVP may be the new guy in town, but he’s feeling comfortable about taking on a leadership role for the New York Yankees.

Stanton spoke to reporters about making the jump from Miami to New York. He went on to describe how he plans on assimilating to the new clubhouse. It sounds like he’s comfortable with voicing his opinion, but he’s not exactly demanding that he is named the captain of the team anytime soon. Stanton told Brendan Kuty of

If the situation presents itself, you handle it. There’s things that the team needs to be addressed. There’s things that one or two guys need to be addressed. It just depends. It depends (on) the situation.

This is excellent for the Yankees to hear from Stanton. Last season, the chemistry in the clubhouse and on the field was a factor in the team outperforming expectations. With the addition of Stanton, the expectations are immediately World Series or bust. It’s important that the team can adapt to having a new superstar in the clubhouse without skipping a beat.

The New York media is going to be much tougher on Stanton than he ever experienced in Miami. The good news is, he’s already preaching accountability. Stanton told Kuty:

Own up to your performance, to what you say, what you didn’t say. That’s how it should be. It’s not everywhere. But I like it. I like that.

Opening Day is knocking on the doorstep. Giancarlo Stanton and the Yankees sound like they’re prepared for all the challenges and scrutiny that will come.

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