Giancarlo Stanton took it upon himself to remind New York Yankees fans and Matt Harvey that he is freakishly strong on Saturday afternoon.

Remember those commercials where the two brothers are pointing at each other when mom comes out to ask who broke the window with the baseball, simultaneously chirping, “he did it?”

That fake commercial became a reality in Saturday’s New York Yankees game in Tampa, Florida, but this time, we all know who the culprit is.

Giancarlo Stanton has finally smashed his first home run with the Yankees (video above).

Man, it must feel good to be king.

It will be a dark night for the Dark Knight as he sits and watches this monster blast over and over again. With the way this ball exploded off the bat, Matt Harvey might have just awakened the beast.

In seven games so far this spring, Stanton has posted a .316 BA with four doubles and two RBIs. The 6-foot-6 slugger may have struggled in the outfield last Sunday but he’s proving that his bat more than makes up for it.

So far, the only long balls we’ve seen from the reigning National League MVP have been during his batting practice show with Aaron Judge. Now, this is a sight many Bombers fans could get used to seeing for a long time.

And for all you John Sterling fanatics out there (which should be everyone), it has been confirmed by multiple sources that his call for Stanton’s shot was “a Stantonian blast.”

Just remember this, folks. Sterling, like this Yankees’ squad, has not yet reached midseason form. Either way, at least we know Stanton shattered a window along with Mets fans’ dreams on Saturday afternoon.

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