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The Knicks Bench Loves Enes Kanter’s Dunk On Serge Ibaka (Video)

Knicks’ Enes Kanter plays below the rim, so when he got up on Wednesday night for a dunk on Serge Ibaka, his teammates reacted appropriately.

Enes Kanter has endeared himself to New York Knicks fans as fast as any new acquisition in recent memory. He’s having a career year and lighting up Madison Square Garden with plays like the one he made in the first quarter on Wednesday night.

New York is going up against the Toronto Raptors, a division rival, after taking a beating from them on the road last Friday. Kanter knew his team needed some energy in the first quarter and he gave it to them when he busted out a rare dunk.

It wasn’t just any dunk though. Kanter put Raptors big man Serge Ibaka, a pretty good defender, on a poster. This caused the Knicks bench to jump out of their seats. It was an appropriate reaction for a guy who plays his entire game under the rim.

Among those who reacted were Frank Ntilikina, Michael Beasley, and Willy Hernangomez. They probably couldn’t believe what they’d just seen. One thing’s for sure, don’t expect to see much more Kanter dunks this season.

The Knicks are down 59-48 at halftime. They’ll need more from Kanter if they want to get back into this. He’s only given them 4 points and 3 rebounds after two quarters.

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