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Vivalo: Grandmama’s Meatballs via Chai Lifeline (Video)

While at the Breanna Morello NYC Mixer via Chai Lifeline, Michael Vivalo finds out New York Knicks’ Larry Johnson‘s meatball secret.

From the editor:

Grandmama. I know you remember her. Even Steve Urkel remembers her.

I had a pair while in fifth grade. It was a great campaign by Converse that the name lives on even to this very day.

That’s where Michael Vivalo comes in.

With Team Vivalo at Breanna Morello’s NYC Sports Mixer with proceeds going to the Chai Lifeline, Larry Johnson, Grandmama himself was in attendance just salivating over the secret of the night.

Morello knows. She knows the exact route to Larry’s heart and fortunately for Elite Sports NY, Vivalo found out as well.

In addition to Larry Johnson, Vivalo also caught up with Jim Duquette, YES Network’s Chris Shearn and more.

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