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Let’s do that hockey! Chance the Rapper kills it on SNL (Video)

Chance the Rapper hosted “Saturday Night Live” last night, and the New York Rangers were the center of attention in a hysterical skit.

Chance the Rapper played New York Knicks broadcaster Lazlo Holmes for the Madison Square Garden Network. Holmes had to fill in for the regular rinkside announcer, Paul, who was out on paternity leave.

The skit starts out with Lazlo Homes standing rinkside in an MSG parka and ski hat. When asked by the in-studio reporters “How are you doing Lazlo?”, his answer of “in a word, cold.” set the tone for the whole skit.

Lazlo went on to talk about “the hockey game,” He said, “lots of white dudes on skates, running into each other at full speed.” When he compared his experience to that of reporting Knicks games, he said “very different than at the Knicks game, much colder.”

The in-studio reporters asked Lazlo for his impression of the game so far? His response was one long funny statement. “One of the main guys on the Rangers, don’t know how to say his name, it has like 30 letters in it, no vowels, he is playing great which is crazy cause he got into a full fist fight in the first minute of the game, but as they say, let’s do that hockey, I miss the Knicks.” Chance the Rapper played this character stone cold funny.

Later on, he does a player interview with an SNL character wearing a Brady Skjei uniform. He starts it off by saying “come on over here dude”. He then asks the player to turn around because he doesn’t know who he is and gives up on trying to get a name. “That’s an S, a K and a J all next to each other, so nope.”

A funny sketch by the “Saturday Night Live” crew. Chance the Rapper hit the nail on the head with this one.

Now go warm up at a Knicks game.

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