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Former Knicks Stephon Marbury and Jimmer Fredette Nearly Brawl In China (Video)

A pair of former New York Knicks—Stephon Marbury and Jimmer Fredette—nearly brawled during a game in China.

Former NBA and New York Knicks players Jimmer Fredette and Stephon Marbury got into a fight during a Chinese Basketball Association game in Shanghai on Friday.

The incident happened late in the third quarter of the game. Fredette, who was playing for the Shanghai Sharks, was trying to score when he was fouled by Marbury, who was playing for the Beijing Beikong Fly Dragons. The two made contact and Marbury knocked the ball out of Fredette’s hand.

Fredette then pushed Marbury, who didn’t back down and got in Jimmer’s face. The two were separated by teammates, referees and the police.

“Haha, he forgot what an NBA steal felt like. That’s how we played in ’96 and for sure in Coney Island,” Marbury told Michael Huang and Kevin Wang of ESPN after the game.

Fredette had no comment on the incident. However, Marbury’s comments have to hurt. If I were Marbury, I’d be on the lookout for some retaliation from Fredette for those remarks.

Fredette finished the game with a triple-double—54 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists—while Marbury had four points, six rebounds, and four assists.  Shanghai won the game 123-119.

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