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New York Mets: Highlights From Mickey Callaway’s Introductory Press Conference

Former Cleveland Indians pitching coach Mickey Callaway is the man who will replace Terry Collins as manager of the New York Mets.

Monday afternoon, the Mets confirmed as much, tweeting that the 42-year-old was, indeed, the 21st manager in franchise history.

Only a few hours later, the team officially introduced Callaway at a press conference held at Citi Field. ESNY took in the live stream, and here are the tidbits Mets fans need to know.

General Manager Sandy Alderson On The Process

“We started a couple of weeks ago with a very long list, in excess of 35 possible candidates. They fit into a variety of different categories. …We weren’t simply looking for a manager, we were looking for a leader.

My two requirements for a leader—professional competence and personal excellence. A hard-worker, collaborative, patient but decisive. We whittled our list down to six. We had planned on having a second round of interviews but decided after the first round that there was really only one man for the job, Mickey.

…I have to credit Fred Wilpon for convincing Mickey to come to New York. He had a three-hour lunch with Fred in the city and, by the time he got back, he was too exhausted to say anything but ‘yes.'”

Mickey Callaway On His Background

“I’m looking for a place where I can step in and work with the best people in the world and do some special things. …I am the most excited guy in the world right now. The hardest part of this decision was to leave my pitchers in Cleveland.

I come from a baseball family. My brother was named after Casey Stengel. I was named after Mickey Mantle.”

Callaway On Building Relationships With Players

“I had a great, great phone call with David Wright. There’s a great connection there. His views on leadership and what he does for this team, we’re going to work really well together.”

“We’re going to care more about the players than anyone ever has before. We’re going to recognize them as human beings and individuals. We are not going to have expectations on numbers. I am going to have expectations that they are going to work as hard as they can to have those numbers. If not, I’ll be happy that they worked as hard as they can to have the numbers that they have.

I am so ready to get out of here, to get this done and to start talking to the players so we can get things going on our to-do list.”

Alderson On What Specifically Told Him That Callaway Was The Guy

“There were a couple of things. Intellectually, there seemed to be a real consistency in terms of what we were looking for and what his philosophy was. But it was more emotional. I think we all walked out of that meeting excited about having Mickey as our next manager.”

Callaway On What Excites Him The Most About The Opportunity

We are in the greatest city in the world. This is one of the greatest franchises in the world. When I sat in the room and listened to the words that Sandy, JP [Riccardi], John [Ricco] and Jeff [Wilpon] were asking me, I knew right then that we were going to be aligned in what we wanted.

The team itself, the pitching is something that can be some of the greatest guys on the planet. I think that our position players are also in that same category. When I look at the Mets I see a team that can contend and compete with anybody.”

Callaway On The Balance Between Wanting Players To Like You and Respect You

“You don’t necessarily set out for guys to like you. You show that you care about them – and I’m going to love every one of them – and I’m going to show them day-in and day-out by the decisions I make about them and show that I care about them – if I can do that consistently, then I don’t have to want people to like me. They’ll like me because of that stuff.”

Alderson On Finding A New Pitching Coach

“We already have a partial list of candidates, we will continue to build that list over the next few days and we will work with Mickey to find the right guy. We’re looking for someone who is professionally expert but at the same time has a collaborative approach.”

Callaway On The Key To Getting PItchers To Believe In Themselves After Dealing With Adversity

“Treating them as individuals. We can do a lot of things to help some of the things that went wrong. We are going to make sure that everybody understands the plan and process to get better and get everybody healthy so that they can perform to the best of their abilities.”

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