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Tim Tebow Tells ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith To Calm Down (Video)

Tim Tebow put boisterous ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith in his place Friday, telling him to “calm down” during an episode of “First Take.”

Tim Tebow wants ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith to chill out.

Tebow, the former Heisman Trophy Award winner turned NFL quarterback turned New York Mets prospect, appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” on Friday to talk college football.

Smith, who loves Nick Saban and the University of Alabama, asked Tebow what team he thought could beat the Crimson Tide. Tebow’s pick was the University of Georgia due to their ability to run the ball and stop the run. He also said that he believes it would ultimately come down to how Georgia’s freshman quarterback, Jake Fromm, could handle Alabama’s defense.

Smith was shocked by Tebow’s response and said that a freshman won’t be beating Alabama.

“Of course not, Tim,” remarked Smith. “There’s no freshman that’s gonna beat Alabama!”

But Tebow wasn’t having any of Smith’s over-the-top schtick.

“First of all, just calm down for two seconds, this Georgia defense is for real, they are for real,” Tebow replied. Smith looked stunned by Tebow’s response, while fellow panelist Max Kellerman burst into laughter. “If there’s any team that can stop Alabama’s offense, it’s this Georgia defense.”

Smith later apologized, saying that he got a little excited and said that Tebow is turning into a star television analyst.

If the whole baseball thing doesn’t work out, perhaps Tebow and Smith will pair up on a future sports talk show.

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