The Mane Man: Jacob deGrom Debuts Unfamiliar Look

The New York Mets didn’t make the playoffs this season. But that doesn’t mean we get punished by Jacob deGrom shedding his luscious locks!

You know what they say … hair today, gone by postseason! Wait … is that right? Because that’s what New York Mets starter Jacob deGrom just did.

He shed his signature look, the curly brown locks, and then had the nerve to actually look GOOD without them. So rude.

The 29-year-old went 15-10 this season with his hair so what will he do now that his locks are deGone?

And how will fans recognize him on the street this offseason? It’s truly amazing how hair can truly make a person look entirely different.

Thanks to Jose Reyes and his Snapchat, we got to see that it might not be all bad. He looks older, more mature. Maybe a new ‘DO will encourage him this offseason and he’ll come back better than ever.

We have to look at the positives, people. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find them but they are always there.

Well, he won’t have to deGroom as much each day. The puns are endless, ladies and gentlemen.

The bottom line: he looks weird. Is this the deGrom we have to get used to seeing? Or can we expect his mane to return to match that of Thor?

Stay tuned for the mane event.