Giancar-No: The Marlins Slugger the New York Mets Should Target This Offseason 2
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 01: Christian Yelich #21 of the Miami Marlins hits an RBI single during the third inning against of the New York Mets in a game at Citi Field on September 1, 2016 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

The Miami Marlins have a slew of sluggers the New York Mets could use. However, if they’re smart, their choice is not Giancarlo Stanton.

Giancarlo Stanton’s career has always been backed by an absurd amount of hype. And why wouldn’t it be? The guy has hit baseballs out of stadiums and puts on a show with his unique, raw power at the dish.

But even with all the tools and Home Run Derby spectacles Stanton has provided throughout his career, 2017 has created a new type of hype for the 27-year-old slugger. His 57 home runs this year lead the league and, with six games remaining in the 2017 season, he even has an outside chance at the much vaunted season total of 61 home runs.

Because of this career year, Stanton’s name has been thrown around in trade rumors ever since he cleared waivers in late August. As recently as last season, Stanton’s $300 million contract was considered to be unmovable.

The reports stated that no team would be willing to take on the entire contract and pony up prospects as well. Now with new ownership (led by New York icon Derek Jeter) taking over the Marlins’ franchise, the organization will certainly want a fresh start.

But is that who the New York Mets should focus on this offseason? No way, especially with Christian Yelich on the market as well.

Approaching the trade deadline this summer, reports of Yelich and Stanton being available were rampant. If the Marlins have any interest in moving Yelich’s contract, the Mets should be stalking in the grass.

Stanton may be having a dominant year in the home run and RBI categories but has only amassed a 6.4 war in the process. Christian Yelich has had a bit of a down year by his standards and still produced a 4.5 war over the full season.

This is where trading for Yelich over Stanton becomes even more attractive because, let’s face it, it’s all about the money. Stanton is still owed $295 million over the next decade, while Yelich possesses a much more affordable and valuable contract for the Mets to work with.

Yelich is due $50 million over seven years, a much more cost-effective number than Stanton’s. The point is more about Yelich’s value than it is about Stanton’s lack of value. As currently constructed, the Marlins are locked into Yelich and Stanton for a long duration. But the difference is Yelich is signed through his prime, while Stanton will be paid $30 million into his late thirties.

Throw in the fact that Marcell Ozuna will be a free agent in 2020 and the Marlins will have a hefty bill to pay for their starting outfield. The need for payroll relief might reveal a solid bargaining position for the Mets to steal Yelich away for less than value.

And we know that is something that Sandy Alderson “The Maverick” has an expertise for. Look no further than his fleecing of the San Francisco Giants and Toronto Blue Jays for veteran overachievers. We all know the Mets could use a career .291 hitter with speed and power.

Oh, by the way, did I mention he plays a good center field to boot? Because he does.

Throw in a value contract and the deal makes too much sense. So this offseason when you hear any rumors about the Mets’ interest in Giancarlo Stanton, remember that Christian Yelich is what the Mets really need. What they don’t need is a bloated contract for a guy who is signed deep into his thirties.

I am a Senior currently attending the Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick. I am a lifelong New York Mets fan, and writing about the team is my passion.