Starving for Bartolo Colon? Order 'The Big Sexy' To Satisfy Your Cravings This Week
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 21: Bartolo Colon #40 of the New York Mets leaves the game in the seventh inning against the Atlanta Braves during their game at Citi Field on September 21, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Bartolo Colon made quite the impact on the city of New York when he played for the New York Mets. Now New York is hungry for more.

Bartolo Colon had an incredible relationship with the city of New York that cannot be explained in this century. Big Sexy was a polarizing figure in New York who stole the hearts of all those who tuned into the Mets’ games.

He hit home runs. He struck out batters. He may have given up a lot of runs but Colon was so much more than a baseball player. He was a lovable teddy bear of a player who knew how to make everyone smile.

Even though he’s no longer in New York full-time, he is making an appearance in the Bronx when he faces off against the New York Yankees on Wednesday. So, naturally, he had to be recognized for his official return to the city that praises him.

Foley’s NY, an Irish bar located on West 33rd Street in New York, decided to take that Colon obsession to the next level by creating their own “Big Sexy Burger” for purchase this week.

First of all, the irony is incredible. Big Sexy is a big guy and this burger itself is absolutely HUGE! Plus, it is probably the most delicious sounding burger we’ve heard of in a long time.

And even though they say right there what is in that “Sexy Sauce,” you can’t help but laugh. You KNOW Bartolo Colon himself is going to have to make a trip to this bar to try his namesake burger.

Never have I ever seen a city so enthralled with the return of a baseball player. But then again, we’ve never seen a player quite like Big Sexy. And we’ve never seen a burger quite like this one.

Well done, Foley’s. Anyone who is a fan of Big Sexy has to go try that burger and live to tell the tale.

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