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Former New York Knicks Exec Phil Jackson Spotted on Subway Again (Photo)

If this really is former New York Knicks executive Phil Jackson riding the subway, he’s making all the right moves in the Big Apple.

Sorry Clem, but you got this one all wrong.

Yet again, former New York Knicks executive Phil Jackson was spotted on a Big Apple subway (photo in the tweet above). Actually, it’s either Phil or somebody God made in order to incredibly fool us all. Both options are still on the table.

Anyway, Barstool’s Clem had interesting things to say about the Zen Master riding the subway.

Phil needs an intervention. Have some respect for yourself, Zen Master. I believe in not letting money change you and being one with the common folk. Seeing those “Celebrities, Just Like Us!” pictures make me feel 1% better about my crappy life. But I don’t feel that way with this picture. You know why?

Because Phil sold his basketball soul to work for James Dolan. He gave his legacy a swift kick to the balls, became a punchline for being an old out of touch coot, broke up with his longtime girlfriend that is basketball royalty, and left the franchise that raised him in shambles. Phil Jackson didn’t take a kajillion dollars from James Dolan’s trust fund to ride the subway and the bus like us poor folk.

Did he leave the team in shambles? Clem, come on man. Did you snooze through the entire Isiah Thomas era? Are you completely ignoring the fact that Phil traded zero future assets, drafted Kristaps Porzingis and has actually left the franchise in a decent position moving forward?

No chance in hell this man goes down as one of the better execs in Knicks history, but let’s pump the brakes a bit on the “disaster” talk.

Phil riding the NYC subway as an unemployed millionaire is exactly what this man is all about. He doesn’t care what you think and will continue on as such.

As Knicks fans, we asked James Dolan to hire a “basketball man” and get the hell out of the way. He did that.

Then we asked him to swoop back in and fire Phil? Something’s wrong here, folks. No matter the perception, we should have seen it completely and totally through.

Now we have good old Dolan back with a clueless general manager who signs horrible defenders to big contracts (see Tim Hardaway Jr.). Phil on the subway is exactly the kind of ghost and/or curse this organization deserves as they continue to fail miserably.

Forget the taxis and Uber, Phil. Continue that Subway traveling from here on out.

H/T Barstool Sports

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