The Greatest New York Knicks Shirt Ever Via Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

In effort of helping those suffering from Hurricane Harvey, the greatest New York Knicks t-shirt comes to light as a raffle.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, we have stumbled upon the greatest New York Knicks shirt of all-time.

As you’ve already seen from the above photo, via a Tommy Beer tweet, this shirt, featuring Patrick Ewing and John Starks circa NBA Jam, is the greatest piece of clothing a New Yorker could own.

The awesome garb came to light thanks to Homage’s pledge to raffle off these beauties for those who help victims of Hurricane Harvey. They’ll be raffling off five of these beauties.

Where can I get my hands on one of these for myself? I still don’t know. But here are the official details in terms of what @Homage is doing with these classics:

Now, if you don’t mind, I must go in my official quest to find out how to own one of these large sized Knickerbocker NBA Jam tees.

H/T Twitter, @TommyBeer