Can the Knicks Meet the Cavaliers' Leaked Asking Price for Kyrie Irving? 5

The Cleveland Cavaliers are shopping point guard Kyrie Irving for one veteran starter, a rookie contract, and draft picks. What does that look like for the New York Knicks?

Point guard Kyrie Irving has requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers and wants to play for the New York Knicks, among other teams.

In the latest development of the Irving sweepstakes, the Los Angeles Clippers have removed themselves from the competition.

Per Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times, the Cavaliers are looking to get a veteran, rookie, and draft picks in return.

This is terrible news for the Clippers, a team without the valuable picks and young talent which Cleveland seeks. For the New York Knicks, however, this may be just the news they needed.

Before Friday, there wasn’t a verified price for the Cavaliers point guard. Now that there is, let’s put that into context for New York.

There’s a likelihood the Knicks could retain All-Star Carmelo Anthony, especially when he remains focused on a trade to the Houston Rockets.

With the veteran talent and draft picks available, a trade can be validated either way.

Carmelo’s Plus One

It is true that at one point, Anthony desired a trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He had once offered to waive his no trade clause for both Cleveland and Houston.

However, with no Kyrie in the foreseeable future, he’s opted to just the Houston Rockets.

Should he come around, however, the trade will be all the more feasible for New York.

  • New York receives Kyrie Irving.
  • Cleveland receives Carmelo Anthony, Frank Ntilikina, and a 2018 first round pick.

This puts New York immediately back on the map, though still in a state of rebuild.

Cleveland gets an alternate star for another championship run, a young point guard, and even more youth in next year’s draft.

Carmelo alone won’t get the deal done, in case you need reminding. He’ll be checking plus one on his Finals invitation.

Keeping Carmelo, Push for Contention

There’s a chance no Anthony deal is made by next season, and he simply remains a Knick for one more season prior to free agency.

Should he remain focused on Houston or bust, New York could still package an appealing offer to Cleveland, according to the guidelines Los Angeles received.

  • New York receives Kyrie Irving.
  • Cleveland receives Courtney Lee, Frank Ntilikina, Lance Thomas, and a 2019 first round pick.

Again, New York is back on the map, and better off than the prior trade. Retaining a core of Anthony, Irving, and Kristaps Porzingis nearly guarantees a playoff berth in the weakened East.

The Cavaliers get an immediate starter in sharpshooter Courtney Lee and some bench fire power in Thomas and Ntilikina. Again, the Knicks would be sending the 2019 pick to sweeten the deal.

Last season with the Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving averaged 25.2 points, 5.8 assists, and 1.2 steals per game.

With a price finally on the table, the Knicks can better work with Cleveland to bring the point guard home.

As more and more teams withdraw from the Irving sweepstakes, expect New York to amp up their interest.

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  1. Isnt kyrie worth 2 – 1st round draft picks? Would Mellow take backseat to irving? Valid questions. We get Kyrie and we will know longer be lottery team. Try to protect ’19s pick.
    Kyrie, Mello, Porzingsis, Hermangomez and Tim Hardaway.
    Not bad. Our 8th pick first off bench.
    Who better to learn from. If you have to throw Lee in, so be it. I like Lee, nice player but dont think he improves those around him. Prefer Quinn in big way. Oakley like qualities. I also would make Hermangomaz untouchable. Major power play of strength in the Mello saga. Pretty dumb to not want to be a part of this. He goes only if it benefits us.

  2. I like the second deal except why send two vets? Why not just one of those vets, Chasson Randle, and 2019 first round pick. I would even include the 2020 first round pick to complete the deal.