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Curtis Granderson Isn’t Quite Ready to Let Go of Lucas Duda, Literally (Video)

Don't Go Lucas!!!!! Gonna miss you buddy!!!

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In a heart-wrenching post on Instagram, Curtis Granderson pleads with Lucas Duda to reconsider his move to Tampa.

Don’t go, Duda. Don’t go.

For those unaware, Lucas Duda was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays for RH reliever Drew Smith, and Curtis Granderson isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to his best friend for the last four seasons.

Founded in 2015, the Instagram account run by Curtis Granderson, John Mayberry Jr. and Danny Muno is dedicated to covering all things Lucas Duda. Unfortunately, after the news broke of Duda’s trade, coverage will be harder to come by on Granderson’s end.

From the 2015 playoff run to the late-season push in 2016, Granderson and friends have documented it all.

After the news broke, Granderson posted an initial farewell video as well as the following heartbreaking last attempt to get Duda to stay a Met.

The fate of “wefollowlucasduda” remains to be seen, but Granderson’s coverage will surely be limited following today’s events.

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