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New York Mets: Chris Christie Catches Foul Ball, Heavily Booed (Video)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie caught a foul ball at Tuesday’s New York Mets game and received a heavy ovation of boos.

Being in the news recently for all the wrong reasons, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attended Tuesday night’s New York Mets game and things did not get much better.

After making a left-handed catch for a foul ball in the top of the fourth inning, Christie got up to hand the ball to a young fan and Mets fans started booing as if Chase Utley just ran on the field.

The Cardinals announcer even joined in on the fun, saying, “It’s nice to see him get here from the beach to the ballpark.”

It seemed as if maybe Christie decided to catch a Mets game Tuesday night to potentially have some relaxation after a rough couple of weeks, but clearly, things did not get much better.

However, based on Mets fans response to Christie tonight, it would be interesting to see who would win a fan vote between him and Terry Collins.

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