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Noah Syndergaard Doubts Tim Tebow Will Be His Teammate This Season

Noah Syndergaard recently rejected the idea that he and Tim Tebow would be teammates before the season’s end. 

That’s a hard “no” if I’ve ever heard one. Noah Syndergaard was not down with the idea of being teammates with Tim Tebow this season, when asked by Sports Illustrated. The man that also goes by Thor was not shy about giving his opinion.

When asked why, “Just a hunch” was his stern and direct answer. The young right hander, who is no stranger to being in the spotlight, abruptly shot down the possibility of being teammates with Tebow in 2017.

Tebow, who was recently promoted to High-A ball, can’t be ruled out of making a Queens appearance just yet. If the New York Mets continue to fade out of the playoff race, they’ll need to give fans a reason to show up to Citi Field.

The Amed Rosario waiting game has continued, and if we’re being honest, calling up Tebow would be the club’s best bet at selling tickets–as embarrassing as that may be.

Tebow in the bigs might not be fair to other more deserving players, but the often financially conscious Mets may decide the ticket sales are worth the unusual promotion.

The dysfunctional Metropolitans could very well be at it again.

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