J.R. Smith Likes Photo of Carmelo Anthony in Cavs Uniform (Photo)

Yo Mel…you know what to do! I’m taking Blake Griffin too! S/O to all the Lebron haters…ya got it tonight

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One day after losing the NBA Finals, J.R. Smith makes a statement by liking a photo with Carmelo Anthony in a Cavs uniform.

Allow the mass hysteria that goes along with the NBA offseason rumor mill begin.

LeBron James has now lost the NBA Finals five times, twice with the Miami Heat and three times with his Cleveland Cavaliers. Kevin Durant made sure this would be the case on Monday night when he capped off his first chip. 

Naturally, it now leads to speculation surrounding the future of the Cavs.

How will get better? Where will they look in order to compete with the best team in the world, the champion Golden State Warriors? Many have speculated that New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony could be an option, and it turns out former teammate of Melo, J.R. Smith, loves the idea.

After Instagram user @president_dope posted a photo of Melo in a Cavs jersey, good old J.R., who shot the lights out in Game 5, liked the photo in letting everybody know just how much he’d love to see that come to fruition (post above).

The only questions remaining are, “Can it actually happen” and does “LeBron and the Cavs want it to happen?”

H/T Instagram, @president_dope